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Who are Ashtrees Nursery?

Ashtrees Nursery are a long established Leeds based Tree Nursery who work throughout Yorkshire and the UK supplying private individuals, small & large companies, organisations & local councils with habitat creation services. When you choose Ashtrees Nursery to assist you with your habitat creation & tree supply you can be assured you will get a professional, knowledgeable & efficient service at a competitive price. We supply our native cell grown trees in large quantities to land owners, large estates & gardens, for orchards, for new woodland areas, conservation projects, forests, hedging & boundaries & to the trade such as landscapers, builders & developers.

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Cell Grown Trees for Sale

Our range of cell grown trees for sale is extensive. We supply in quantities from 15 trees up to 1000’s of trees. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best type of tree to suit the intended purpose. The price we charge for our trees varies dependant on the species and the quantity you are ordering. Click ashtrees-price-list.pdf to see our recent stock list and price list.

Habitat Creation & Cell Grown Trees Suppliers

  • Cell grown native trees & shrubs for new woodlands, forests, native hedgerows & conservation projects
  • Producers of native wild flowers for woodlands & meadows
  • Tree planting service
  • Tree aftercare and control of weeds around young tree plantations
  • Suppliers of Tubex tree guards, spiral shelters, stakes & canes
  • Planting equipment including schlick tree planting spades

Our Cell Grown Tree Menu…


Acer campestre Field Maple
Acer platanoides Norway Maple
Acer pseudoplatanus Sycamore
Alnus cordata Italian Alder
Alnus glutinosa Common Alder
Alnus incana Grey Alder
Betula pendula Silver Birch
Betula pubescens Downy Birch
Carpinus betulus Hornbeam
Castanea sativa Sweet Chestnut
Fagus sylvatica Common Beech
Fagus sylvatica purpurea Copper Beech
Malus sylvestris Crab Apple
Prunus avium Wild Cherry
Prunus padus Bird Cherry
Quercus petraea Sessile Oak
Quercus robur English Oak
Salix fragilis Crack Willow
Sorbus aria Common Whitebeam
Sorbus aucuparia Rowan
Tilia cordata Small Leaved Lime
Tilia platyphyllos Broad Leaved Lime

Shrubs & Hedging

Acer campestre Field Maple
Cornus sanguinea Common Dogwood
Corylus avellana Hazel
Crataegus monogyna Quickthorn / Hawthorn
Euonymus Europeaus Spindle Tree
Ilex aquifolium Holly
Prunus spinosa Blackthorn/Sloe
Rosa canina Dog Rose/Wild Rose
Sorbus torminalis Wild service tree
Viburnum lantana Wayfaring Tree
Viburnum opulus Guelder Rose


Abies Fraserii Fraser Fir
Abies nordmanniana Nordman Fir
Larix decidua European Larch
Larix eurolepis Hybrid Larch
Larix leptolepis Japanese Larch
Picea abies Norway Spruce
Picea abies Norway Spruce Christmas Tree
Picea sitchensis Sitka Spruce
Pinus nigra maritima Corsican Pine
Pinus sylvestris Scots Pine
Pseudotsuga menziessi Douglas Fir
Taxus baccata Yew
Thuja plicata Western Red Cedar
Tsuga heterophylla Western Hemlock

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