Thuja Plicata ‘Aurea’/Western Red Cedar Trees For Sale

Tree Name – Western Red Cedar/Thuja Plicata ‘Aurea’

Tree Family – Cupressaceae

Description – Medium-sized, fast growing evergreen conifer tree of conical habit, with spreading sprays of golden yellow foliage, scale like leaves and small knobbly cones.

Colour Description – Yellow foliage

Sunlight – Full Sun

Soil – Chalk, Clay, Sand, loam

Moisture – Moist but well-drained

Size – Ultimate Height: Higher than 12 Metres

           Spread: 2.5-4 Metres

           Time to Reach Ultimate Height: 20 – 50 Years

Interested in buying cell grown western red cedar trees?



55539093 - the beautiful variegated foliage of thuja plicata 'zebrina' also known as western red cedar.