Taxus Baccata ‘Icicle’/Yew Trees For Sale

Tree Name – Yew/Taxus Baccata ‘Icicle’

Tree Family – Taxaceae

Description – Small evergreen trees or shrubs, slow growing cultivar, reaching approx. 60cms in height over 10 years. Needle shaped leaves, edged in yellow for most of the year turning white in winter giving a frosted look.

Colour Description -Green

Sunlight -Full Sun/Partial Shade

Soil – Chalk, Clay, Sand, loam

Moisture – Well-drained

Size – Ultimate Height: 0.5-1 Metre

           Spread: 0.1-0.5 Metres

           Time to Reach Ultimate Height: 10-20 Years

Interested in buying cell grown yew trees?



62081834 - yew tree with red fruits. taxus baccata. close up