Minimal Losses

As our trees loose no roots when harvested, this means that the trees that you receive have ALL the roots it has ever grown with still intact.

Extended Planting Season

The advantage of being able to plant in early autumn when the ground is still warm enables the trees roots to become established before the start of winter. As the weather is also less harsh in autumn and spring, planters will benefit from kinder conditions and longer working hours.


The even growth of cell-grown trees and the compact size of the roots mean that stock is easier to plant than traditional bare rooted trees. The result is the planter can work faster and more efficiently.

Less Handling

Cell grown plants do not need to be healed in on receipt, as long as they are kept out of strong sunlight and drying winds. The plants are packed in strong boxes and the customer usually receives the plants 24hrs after they were first graded.

Tree planting services