Tilia Cordata/Small Leaved Lime Trees For Sale

Tree Name – Small Leaved Lime/Tilia Cordata

Tree Family – Malvaceae

Description – Medium-sized deciduous tree with dark green, glossy broadly ovate or heart shaped leaves up to 8cms in length. The leaves turn yellow in Autumn and in Summer, small and fragrant, creamy white flowers appear in spreading clusters.

Colour Description – Green with creamy-white flowers in Summer.

Sunlight – Full Sun/Partial Shade

Soil – Chalk, Clay, Sand

Size – Ultimate Height: Higher than 12 Metres

           Spread: Wider than 8 Metres

           Time to Reach Ultimate Height: 20 – 50 Years

Interested in buying cell grown small leaved lime trees?



61218604 - flower of a small leaved lime (tilia cordata).