Betula pendula/Silver Birch

Tree Name – Betula pendula, Silver Birch, Bed Wen, birk tree, common birch, European white birch, lady birch, lady of the woods , warty birch, weeping birch

Tree Family – Betulaceae

Plant Range – W Eurasia

Characteristics & habitat – deciduous and Pendulous/Weeping Tree. Usually colours well in autumn and often with white, pink or brown bark. Catkins open before leaves in the spring

Colour Description – White bark, becoming black at the base. Leaves ovulate, yellow in the autumn with flowers in catkins

Sunlight – Partial Shade

Soil – Chalk, Clay, Sand, loam

Size – Ultimate Height: Higher than 12 Metres

           Spread: Wider than 8 Metres

           Time to Reach Ultimate Height 20 – 50 Years

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