Alnus cordata / Italian Alder Tree

Tree Names – Alnus cordata, Italian Alder Tree

Tree Family – Betulaceae

Biological Origin – Alnus are vigorous deciduous trees and large shrubs with rounded leaves and often conspicuous catkins in winter

Details – A. cordata is a vigorous deciduous medium-sized tree with shiny deep green leaves. Male catkins yellow, to 10cm in length. Fruit 2.5cm in length, cone-like

Plant Origin – Corsica & Southern Italy

Characteristics – Deciduous, Fruit in Summer, Flower in Winter

Colour Description – Green, Brown Fruit in Summer, Yellow Flower in Winter

Sunlight – Full Sun

Exposure – Exposed or Sheltered

Soil – Loam, Clay & Chalk. Well Drained & Poorly Drained.

Size – Ultimate Height: 12 Metres

           Spread: 4 – 8 Metres

           Time to Reach Ultimate Height 20 – 50 Years

alnus cordata

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