Salix Alba ‘Tristis’ Ambig/White Willow Trees For Sale

Tree Name – White Willow/Salix Alba ‘Tristis’ Ambig

Tree Family – Salicaceae

Description – A fast growing deciduous tree or shrub with narrow leaves on thin yellow branches, with slim female catkins in early spring. Male and female are usually on separate plants. Some have brightly coloured winter shoots, where as other have showy male catkins or impressive foliage.

Colour Description – Green fruit in Autumn with green foliage and grey/silver or yellow flowers in Spring.

Sunlight – Full Sun

Soil – Clay, Sand, loam

Moisture – Well drained, moist but well-drained

Size – Ultimate Height: Higher than 12 Metres

           Spread: Wider than 8 Metres

           Time to Reach Ultimate Height: 20 – 50 Years

Interested in buying cell grown white willow trees?